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Tru-Luv Truffles: Day 9

Before I start posting photos of Truffles, I just want to spend a little time to share what I have learned about the purpose of breeding (again!). Yeah, I know everyone’s talking about making sure you breed for quality. We must breed to achieve a goal that is to produce rabbits that exceeds the STANDARD OF PERFECTION laid down by ARBA. So what it takes in between the starting line and the ultimate victory?

For the past few weeks, two words kept on coming onto my mind. CULL HARD. Do you know that when the competition gets really serious. Breeders will start to cull their rabbits. Not many are petted out because unlike commercial breeders that sees every rabbit as an opportunity to MAKE PROFIT, a show breeder feels that the more pets he/she sends out, the more diluted the market becomes.

The common methods of culling would be to send rabbits to reptile farms, snake farms or raptor farms. I was not able to accept these methods at first but after thinking it through, I felt that it does give a purpose to raising rabbits. To be honest, I rather have my rabbits humanely put down then to have some airheads experimenting with breeding. What I hate most is the mentality of people thinking that rabbits are profitable. I still cannot see how it is profitable unless costs are cut in the form of feed.

I believe that a good show breeder will always cull their rabbits. It is much better than having abandoned rabbits. Keeping every single pet quality rabbit is not the solution and dumping all of them in a common area is definitely not a good idea as well.

Here’s Truffles:






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