Culling: Picking up your own mess!

Following up my post from yesterday, I felt that this topic is quite a hot topic to discuss over. If you have something to say about it, do drop a comment. But for now, I am just going to throw out whatever that is on my mind. Why is this topic on my mind is because I am feeling rather trapped at the moment.

Before I go into the details, I’ll like to ask these 2 self inflicted questions.

We have got no Rabbit Shows in Malaysia so why am I breeding for quality?

Although there is no rabbit shows in Malaysia, it should not be taken as an excuse and reason not to keep top quality rabbits. It is pretty simple. Is there a handbag show in Malaysia? Do you need a handbag show to keep nice handbags or shoes? That’s the same concept just that we are dealing with one with life and one without. I believe strongly, people who knows how to appreciate the Holland Lop deserves much better quality rabbits in Malaysia. I am not talking about those that take rabbits as just….rabbits. Although we do not have shows in Malaysia, it is quite addictive to try get that crown in place, those big stumpy legs or even the nice curvature on the head. And if no one bothers about quality, who would be? And we will be forever stuck with sub standard pets.

Why do I breed in the first place?

I started off breeding with the intention of sharing nice rabbits with fellow enthusiasts. But now, I don’t really know if I should anymore. That’s because no one bothers about quality at all. They care more for their pockets. Very typical of Malaysians. Why pay for an original DVD that cost $100 when you can get it for only $8? It is sad in a way because we always settle for second best. As long look like a rabbit with 2 long ears that droop will be suffice.

These are my concerns sharing my rabbits at the moment:

1) Every pet owner seemed to subscribe to the belief that an animal must complete its life cycle and breeding should be the ultimate goal

2) My rabbits falling into the hands of someone that mix breed them. This is totally wasting one’s time for spending over 10 years developing a breed just to get it all screwed up again in just seconds

3) TLR seemed to be making tons of monies with his rabbits. Perhaps I should try my hand in breeding also

4) Rabbits passed to farms as feeds end up being resold

My question is, MUST we breed every single animal on earth?

So when one decides to breed, I believe as a human being with full awareness and being conscious, should be held responsible for his/her actions. I am starting to accept the fact that breeders must pick up their own mess and not throw the mess unto others.

That is when culling comes in. Not many breeders can practice “DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU”. Would you buy rubbish produced by others? If not, please don’t throw rubbish out for others. There has been so many junks labeled as gems sold at such high prices these days and the funny thing is, no one questions the credibility of the producer. I do not think I would want to give other what I do not want myself. That is exactly the reason why I started out breeding.

Lately, I have found so many nice breeders that understand very well why they should not throw junks out for others. Not to take advantage of people and I fully endorse their ideologies and concepts.

So since we do not want to throw junks out for others, how can we clean up the junks? Sell junks as pets? NO way!

The only way is to CULL CULL CULL! For the betterment of the breed and also for the betterment of the human race!

If you can’t accept this concept, then I think you should forget about the original LV and GUCCI apparels you had your eyes on. I believe you want nice things too and to get nice things, don’t we all pay the prices?

Rabbits has been listed as the 3rd most abandoned pet in the United States. Let’s not make it the 1st in Malaysia.

All I can say at the moment is, people cull to give other the best. Those that do not cull passes on junks that will end up producing more junks and the vicious cycle continues.

So will I cull?

I would consider it if I am forced to the brink of self destruction. Ever seen an animal die in extreme stressful situation? Yes, looking at how the general public is treating rabbits, I will consider culling. In short, the environment has taught me to be very selfish and I rather kill rabbits than to have them fall into irresponsible hand which is worst when more suffering animals are produced off them.

As for now, if rabbits do not matter to me, why would I bother even to post my concerns? Think about it…



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2 responses to “Culling: Picking up your own mess!

  1. azian9100

    yes, they are no Show In Malaysia.. but it’s not possible we can have one here with the look from great name in ARBA world. But we must change our mind… we must change the way we think about rabbit. You think we if we here have a low standard rabbit in Malaysia this Show thing can happen… hahahah…LOL joke of the years. So, come on bunny lover it’s not only Holland but all breed. Change your mind. I’m not saying that throw away our pet rabbit now.. Only that stop buying the low standard rabbit.. This mean you are stopping the unethical breeder which they are the number 1 causing all the low standard rabbit here in our place.
    If this not stopped.. then until when oso we are not going anyway.

    The Culling way of Picking and Clean the mess is sound cruel… but if you found a place that full of abandon rabbit that sound nice to you. and somemore non-stop breeding from unethical and irresponsible breeder oso sound good to you …. but sorry not for me.
    So… let us change our mind.. for a better. Then only dream of having rabbit show will come true

  2. CULL = taking life.. owh i hate waht i feel at this moment!

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