Road To Revamp

Meadow Haven will have a a face-lift soon. Thanks to the help of PetShack, I was able to obtain materials that I needed namely cages and shelves. So this holiday I’ll be spending time tearing down the magnificient Meadow Haven Version 1.0 and put up the new Meadow Haven.

It is crazy to be spending so much during this time of trial and tribulation but it is inevitable. I need more space to facilitate in cleaning the entire rabbitry. But anyhow, life must go on. I am not feeling too happy right now so I will stop here and share some photos.

The Wilderness:




A sneak preview of the future:


And all these troubles for…..




My beloved RABBITS!



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4 responses to “Road To Revamp

  1. I’m so envy your new setup!

  2. I love truffle’s 1st photo…. the head popped out from the fur.. so cute!

  3. tania

    hey don’t you think truffles’s private parts resemble those of a boy bunny? o:
    and how long do you actually need the nest around for? I thought you’d have gotten rid of it by now! Hahaha I’m so blur about baby bunny stuff. (:
    Pepper’s umm manly rubies haven’t dropped yet, but he’ll definitely be sent to the vet for a *snipsnip* as soon as they do come out of hiding.

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