What An Exhausting Day!!!

After an entire fulfilling day tearing down Meadow Haven, I am finally enjoying the space I have with that little area I have. Initially, I was planning to switch over the cages on Monday but that day being the first day of the New Lunar Calendar, it was said to be unsuitable to clean up the house as it would mean I am cleaning all the luck away. Although I am not particular about taboos, I thought I better stick with it just to be safe. I would want to have a great Ox year ahead with the rabbitry.


“Almost done cleaning. MESSY! MESSY!”


“As good as new. Squeky clean now…”



And I have got so much space, I could slot in a grooming table!!! At last, my own grooming corner!!! I am really loving this setup tons and millions!!!


“Skor, The Rabbitry Guard-Bun”

I will let him out for patrol every night so he’s taking that cage under the grooming table.


The Grooming Table. Really need a good paint job. I have got all the tools I need to groom them nice. It’s 3 feet high by the way. Just nice for me in my apron. I am a hobbit myself so 3ft is really just nice for me. Lovin’ IT!

And last but not least…TRUFFLES!


They start young don’t they? Posing for me at 12th day? Yeah….the eyes are opened! Pickaboo!



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8 responses to “What An Exhausting Day!!!

  1. azian9100

    The others 3 empty cages.. is for who.. ?
    hahah…. this is really spring cleaning before CNY…
    Oh ya.. Happy Chinese new OX year.. TLR…. may this year bring More Joy and Hapiness…..Gong Xi Fa Cai…. dung dung changggg

  2. 3 empty cages for 3 new babies la..!

    Wow! Truffles first wink!

  3. tania

    Oh wow congrats on the renovation work! Wow Skor’s going to be one happy camper eh, getting to roam around the room all night, hahaha. Oh my gooodnessss, truffles with her eyes open! What a cutiepie :’D.

    I wish I had a grooming table too, but I don’t think it’s really necessary as I only own one rabbit. But still, it’d be nice to have one. (:

  4. tania

    Where did you get your grooming table?
    Oh I noticed today as I was cradling Pepper, that his manly package has finally arrived. I’m not exactly sure of his age, but my estimate is that he’s only 4-5 months. I feel a little bad about neutering him, though. >.<

  5. tania

    Yeah but I pity him losing his precious rubies hahahaha. >.<
    Ohh DIY huh, maybe I can use a drawer with a carpet on it.

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