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The diversity of Holland Lop genetics

For those that have done extensive research on the Holland Lop, you will know that English Lops and Netherland Dwarfs was the 2 breeds used initially to get what we have today.

The Angora was also introduced to help get the fur texture desired. And to get the broken patterns, it was said that the English Spots were used and I believe that this is very true based on what I could see in one of Noobie’s kits.

So as you can see, the genetic make up Holland Lops is by nature very diversified and that gives us more reason not to mix breed them further. So many years and effort has been put into developing what we have today. I do not think it will do them justice if they are cross bred without good reasons.

If you need to know what an English Spot looks like, please google for it and you will see similarities between them and Noobie’s broken black kit.

Noobie’s Litter Day 3


Tru-Luv Camior


Tru-Luv Seychel


Tru-Luv Milkyway

And since it is the season to be talking about PROSPERITY, check this one out. If this is not prosperity I do not know what is.


*P/S: We in Malaysia always relate a big tummy of a man to prosperity maybe because the god of prosperity is a plump fellow. LOL! And he happened to have a long moustache too! ROFL!



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