Happier Times Are Spent With My Bunnies

I took some photos of the kits this morning before my mood swing 360 degrees the opposite way. Can you imagine waiting 4 hours in a bank just to open a new savings account? I am not even talking about any ordinary bank. This bank has been the top bank in Malaysia for several years now. I am totally disappointed and to top it off, I was served by a rude teller. I generally hate sitting in the bank for too long not because I have tons of monies but the risk of getting caught in the middle of a robbery is much higher. I prefer to spend not more than 10 minutes being inside a bank. But today was the worst experience that I ever had with this bank. I took my number at the queue system and went off for lunch and had to wait another 40 minutes to be served by the customer service upon returning. And the actual work of opening an account is done by the teller. Talking about bureaucracy!

And you’ll be surprised that this bank used to talk about under 2 minutes waiting time. Now it took 4 hours!?

The only person I could give credit to is my daughter Beth. It was way way over her nap time and she was trying very hard not to throw a fit. My wife and I almost went into a fit. Outrageous!!!

I could have written 4 posts in that 4 hours of waiting.

I better not be going anywhere near the rabbits because they would feel how frustrated I am.

Sorry for the ranting. Here’s some photos to brighten up your day if you are like me, spent 4 hours in the bank this morning.

Camior, Seychel & Milkyway Day 6








Someone stained this one!!!




Truffles Day 18









Look at those tiny front PAWS!!!



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2 responses to “Happier Times Are Spent With My Bunnies

  1. So geram to see the last photo…! Feel like I want to hold it by my hands!

  2. azian9100

    I’m not waiting in the bank for 4 hours.. But I’m waiting for you post for more then 4 hours.. and keep wondering where have you been…. hahaha now I know… ok… apolagize accepted…kikikiki

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