Updates from Melbourne: RIP Yeti & Bugsy

With a super heavy heart, I must inform that a bad heat wave swept through Melbourne for the past few days and J&J lost Yeti and Bugsy.

All bunnies & humans at TLR send their heartfelt condolences.

The hardest part for both J&J is that they could not be with their bunnies at the moment as they are back in KL for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Please pray for the rest of the bunnies!

And as a sign of solidarity, I have removed 2 rabbitry websites from my favorite website list because as of late, I felt that these 2 rabbitries reminded me so much of the culture of death in the rabbit circle. I have concrete evidence that they are very unethical breeders in their actions backed by many references that has strenghten my observations. By removing these links, I hope less reference will be made in favour of them. I shall not mention names but if you have been observant enough, you will notice which are the ones removed.



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2 responses to “Updates from Melbourne: RIP Yeti & Bugsy

  1. Sorry to hear about Yeti & Bugsy..

  2. azian9100

    OMG… like TLR bunnies we oso see Yeti & Bugsy from their pinkies days
    very sad to know they cant make it… Binky free sweetheart

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