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Updates on the kits

Truffles is 6 weeks old (48 days) today and the others are 5 weeks (36 days). I believe they are growing nicely.











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Honesty Is The Best Policy

I thought this would be a good and informative sharing worth writing. No names are mentioned to respect the parties involved.

A few weeks back, I received an inquiry by a teenager expressing interest in Luna. Like most of the breeder friends I have in US, through time I developed a soft spot for helping out young people by offering my rabbits to them as pets. Afterall, they are the future generation and deserve to get a head start if they would be the same people to spread this wonderful hobby through their peers. But little did I know I was in for a shocker.

Although the inquirer was a teenager, my neuter/spay policy still applied and this young person agreed to my terms & conditions. While I was awaiting payment, a dear friend forwarded me an online classified stating “loop head” rabbit available. Upon investigation, I found the ad was misleading because the creator of the ad had attached a photo of a Show Quality rabbit (that somehow looked familiar to me).

My dear friend took a step further and inquired about the rabbit this person had to offer and was shocked to be shown photos taken from a farm familiar to most of us. My friend then asked if he had anything other than those shown in the photo and this young person said that he had a BROKEN SPAYED Holland Lop to offer.

The moment my dear friend told me that, we both came to the conclusion that we’re dealing with the same person. I gave this young person a call and after much questioning, he finally relented and admitted that he was behind this ad and had the intention to broker off Luna. I have a great degree of respect for people who admits their fault and I not only forgave this young person but I now have him on my chat list. I hope he will try his level best to learn more and come to respect rabbits more rather than treating them like commodities. I strongly believe that young people these days have great minds of their own if they channel their intelligence into the right path, the community can really benefit from them in a long run. For a young person to have such an entrepreneurial mind is just amazing and I respect him for that. I just hope he trades something else rather than rabbits or any other livestock.

What I am trying to hit home is that, the world is filled with too many lies. And we all know it all starts with just one white lie and we have to lie for the rest of our lives. Why not save ourselves from all the trouble of having to recall what we have told this person or that person so that we could have a follow up in a later point of time? Are we not tired always having the need to recall so to look good and show others that we’re honest when in fact we have told a lie? We don’t need to keep on finding more ways to cover up for the previous lie if we have not tell one earlier. We can enjoy our lives by simply being truthful. If others cannot accept our honesty, then the problem is theirs.

Honesty is the best policy. Just admit it and don’t ever tell a lie again.

And by the way, Luna is still safe with me. I am holding her for someone really nice.


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Did You Know?

Rabbits do not vomit.


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The Rabbit Hell

I am feeling a little poetic today due to the nice weather. I hope the “poem” that I am about to write does not sound lame. This is my first attempt and probably the last in writing a “poem” as a blog post. Please flood me with loads of comments telling me how lame it is. Heck, here goes nothing….

The Rabbit Hell

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when an unethical breeder rips someone off,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when a rabbit is skinned alive,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when a rabbit is bred without rest,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when culls are overpriced,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when quantity outweighs quality,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when money outweighs ethics,

When RABBITS go to HELL,

It is when WINNING outweighs FRIENDSHIP,

For when RABBITS do go to HELL,

It is but to save a human soul,

Humans ponder long and hard,

Is it really rabbits that go to HELL?,

Though they tried to pull us back,

HEAVEN is what HUMAN rejects.


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Updates on Charlyz, Eclipse & BlueBerry

Thanks to Kak Azian for these wonderful photos of the trio. After this post, I no longer need to write updates on them anymore. That is because, we’ve got a new bunny blogger in the house. Please visit

Here’s the trio:


This is the blue version of Michelin Tyres. LOL!!!!!


Look at those stumpy legs! Cuteness!

For your information, I was told that Charlyz has her own Teddy Bear and she smells like strawberry. LOL! Totally spoiled rotten this little girl. Again, like Moesha, I like how thick she turned out to be.


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Updates on Tru-Luv Moesha

No words could describe. Just look at her!

Thanks Ann for these photos:




Susie, you were right! I should have waited a little longer. But I have no regrets. Look at how well kept she is. LOL. Ann, you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!


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Must Reads for Show Breeders: Chest & Shoulder

This is the interpretation of what I understand through my research. Experts out there please do advice through comments if what I have written below is inaccurate.

The show Holland Lop must look massive in general. How do we interpret the massiveness? While in pose, a rabbit in question should be squared with both front legs apart. If both the front legs does not seemed to be apart, it may be an indication of narrow shoulder. Short, stumpy and thick front legs is a good indication that the rabbit has thickness of bone.

Another desired trait of a show Holland Lop is the depth of chest. What does this mean? The head should sit nicely with the chin resting on the chest. The chest should nicely curve from the chin all the way down to the legs.

I know it is very difficult to imagine through words. So let me just brief you through using a photos of Miller’s Carmel as an example. Hope you get what I mean.


Carmel’s head is nicely tucked/nestled on top of her chest. That indicates the depth of chest which is desirable. And notice that both her front legs are set apart and that indicated that she has got nice broad shoulder.

I shall be writing about topline and ears in the next post.


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Ugly Bunlings

I believe all the 4 kits are going through the ugly phase now. Everyone knows that patience is the name of the game with Holland Lops. I rather have them ugly now and pretty later than looking like champs now but grow up ugly.

Truffles is 42 days old today and the rest are 30 days old.

Anyhow, with the help of my lovely wife, I took some photos of their genitals to let you take a wild guess their genders.




Milkyway Shiro:










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Chilling Over The Weekend

I wasn’t feeling too well over the weekend. I guess the rabbits got the queue from me because they all were chilling. Just like me sleeping all day and night. Sorry if I seemed to be writing a little more than nothing. Just can’t find the inspiration in the midst of this cough, “human snuffles” and fever. I hate it when these combine into a deadly combination.

Truffles & Mama



Milkyway Shiro, Seychel & Camior with Mama







And…Where the hell is SKOR?


I almost lost Skor over the weekend actually. LOL! I forgotten to close the main door and thank God, he did not roam too far. LOL!!!

So when I realized that I forgotten to close the main door, I searched frantically to find him….




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Must Reads for Show Breeders: SOP & Crown

I think it is time that we get more exposure to the rabbit show world. There will be one alleged 1st National Rabbit show coming up in July and I believe by writing this article may get you people who are interested to know what will happen during the show (if it is of standard). As of now, there is no information of who is the judge or whatsoever. But at least having the public aware of these information may help ensure a quality judge whoever it may be.

I hope it is an ARBA licensed judge nonetheless. I would really love to know his/her professional opinions about my rabbits. Come what may, we shall have a good time filled with fun and laughter.

Rather than rewriting whatever someone else have written, I am just going to put up links so that you can enjoy good information without any modifications. What I am going to share in this show series would be in parts. I know sometimes the internet is so overloaded that we do not know where to start.

As we all know, there are 43 breeds recognized by ARBA. Holland Lop is one of the 43. Each and every breed recognized by ARBA has got their own STANDARD OF PERFECTION. What I am going to share in this series is only applicable to Holland Lops.

I would like to first introduce what is the Standard of Perfection. I found a very good explanation over at Hillsboro Hollands and here is the link to Holland Lop Show Standards.

And after you have read through the overall standard and the points given at show, I would like to share with you yet another good link. This article is written by Phil Batey, the Miniature Lop extraordinaire and legend in UK. And for your information, the Miniature Lop in UK is equivalent to the Holland Lop in US just that the UK version is 0.5 pounds lighter. Which means, they are at the smaller spectrum.

Phil Batey had written this article and he included photos to illustrate each point. This article has been translated into multiply languages and is widely use as a guide. Most breeders know that a good CROWN is the hardest to achieve and this article tells us how a good crown should be. May you find the article useful too in your quest for the CROWN fit for a king. Ruskin Miniature Lop – Slipped Crown.

I hope to post something about Chest and Shoulder later.


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