I am very fed up already!!!

It has come to an unbearable stage. I get inquiries for my rabbits and so far this is the most CLASSIC example that drove me up the wall.

I got this email today and these are the exact words without editing:

hi..im interested in ur female rabbit…i want to buy it…
but i dun hav any male rabbit  to be mate with…
can the  female rabbit mate already??
i hope that the female rabbit can mate with ur male rabbit…
i dun mind if you want extra charge for the mating…
if you agree, i’ll take the rabbit when the rabbit pregnant…
and please inform me if you want deposit money…
And my reply was:
I just don’t understand it. Why must you mate everything in this world? If mating and getting babies is what you want the rabbit for then I am very sorry to say that I won’t sell it!

Come on MALAYSIA! You can do better than that! Stop harassing me with this type of inquiries!

If you want to feel how I feel, please go mate yourself and sell yourself to someone else whom will continue mating you! When you’re done delivering the 10th time, come back and tell me how it freaking feels if you’re still alive.

Please do not blame me being so stuck up when these are the stuff that I am getting every other day!



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6 responses to “I am very fed up already!!!

  1. Jo

    hahahaha..should compile em all and make a book out of it…

  2. tania

    Geez. I wonder if the person’s parents pay deposits on his/her spouse to get pregnant.. Tsk tsk, shame on these unintelligent people.

    I really wish I could take Luna into our household. I’ve loved her ever since I set eyes on one of her pictures, but it’s just impossible.. ): I really do hope a decent human being comes across your path who’s willing to care for her like one would care for their baby.

  3. azian9100

    What the hell is happening here…. ayoo.. I got not word for this.. if I speak my mind, I fear this comment will be deleted….darn

  4. hahaha… I received an email before asking me : ” I would like to let my female chinchilla to mate with your male, you can hv 1 baby or you can have the money.~!” I didnt reply the email, but in my heart I said :” Wah.. you think this is dog ah, can simply mate and give money and babies , that easy ah?”” !!!!

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