This is something that I wanted to do for a very long time. It is always good to look back into the past and see how far we have come so that we will be grateful for what we have in the present. I am very grateful for how the herd has turned out to be so far. Let’s walk down memory lane shall we?


This is Unix my first doe.


2nd Generation from left, Bandie, Adinna & Yohji (photo taken from


3rd Generation Latara & Tridus (Half Imported Bloodlines)

After losing the 3rd Generation from Unix, the herd was taken over by fully imported bloodlines in Skor, Noobie & BlueBerry.

And then came Holly Hope, Tinga, Eclipse, Luna, Miss Muffet, Charlyz, Moesha, Camior, Milkyway & Seychel the 2nd Generation.


And 3rd Generation in Truffles…


I think my herd is improving loads, what do you think?



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5 responses to “Reminiscence

  1. Yes, your herd is improving, please keep it up! Let’s create a healthy, good quality holland lop for Malaysian community. 😀

  2. I think Yohji is the handsome-est!

  3. tania

    I didn’t know that Yohji was a TLR bun! o:

    Definitely improving.. Heads are larger and limbs are much shorter than the previous buns. That’s what you’re supposed to look for in dwarf rabbits, right? Well, any dwarf, really.. haha.

  4. I think it’s impossible to rate these bunnies – each one is gorgeous! Amazing.

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