I Got Adopted!

At the heart of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun, is a very happy and CUTE young lady called Cheri Bushee whom I have the privilege and honor to be introduced to by Karen L. Novina. Cheri owns Dovehill Farm rabbitry (the link’s up on the side).

While I was driving to work this morning, a thought came into my mind. I was feeling a little down because of being so overwhelmed with the entire rat race and all the negativity that is surrounding us at the moment. My inner voice told me that I should surround myself with happy people. Yes, quite an impossible feat in this era I must say.

So here I was, turning on my notebook, login on to the usual applications and out from no where, a chat box just popped up and it was Cheri sending me a miracle!

Indeed it was a miracle. After pouring out my concerns and Cheri being a great listener, I felt so much better!

We chat for a little while longer and not disclosing too much details, I volunteered and offered myself to be Cheri’s adopted son. LOL! Cheri liked the idea and from now on, I am calling her MOM!

It is amazing how the internet can bring people together. I am a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason. People come into our lives for a reason. And today, God sent me Cheri to give me hope and to brighten up my day.

And I wouldn’t know Cheri without knowing Karen and I will definitely not know what happened between Stanley and M&Ms if I have not known Karen too…

When life seemed like a drag, somehow one way or another, someone just comes into my life and knocks happiness right where it should be. I wish to have 365 great friends to cheer me up every single day!

That is what Fellowship, Friendship and Fun is all about.

So if you ever find this naive young man doing something wrong, feel free to let my MOMMY know, I am sure she’ll go for the ears but if you mess with me, I am sure MOMMY’s gonna go for yours as well…

Thank you MOM!



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4 responses to “I Got Adopted!

  1. furrybutts

    Congrats on getting a new Mom 🙂

  2. tania

    Haha I thought one of your bunnies got adopted from the title. I guess I got it wrong. Congrats! I recently ‘acquired’ another little brother just because a friend of mine wanted an older sister (he’s older than me). Haha.

  3. Hey, kak azian also can become mom.. she’s a mother, remember?

  4. azian9100

    mm..Nico I prefer to be his Sister… I’m a mother to a 2 years++ boy not almost 30years Boy…kikikiki

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