It’s the bean bag again!

Here they are…


Bonzai bunnies? No!






Can someone be kind enough to help me count their ages in days please? LOL!


Any takers? Not the baby but the kits.



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9 responses to “It’s the bean bag again!

  1. tania

    The chocolate one is melting my heartttttt… not the other way around, hahahaha. >.<

  2. Terri Chai

    But I want the baby… 🙂 Can ?

  3. tania

    Yes, I’m taking a box of the chocolate one, kay? Even better than Godiva chocolate hahahahaha.

    And I’ll come babysit your Beth anytime. I’ll bring my 3 year old sister along too, she’s been wanting a baby. XD

  4. tania

    I just went back on one of your older posts, and counted.
    The trio are 19 days old. (:

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