When Kits Come Out & Play

Seychel, Camior and Milkyway is 3 weeks old now. They are extremely cute. I let them out to play for the first time while I did a semi spring cleaning this morning. I must say, the new setup is much easier to clean as I have the space to work with. Here are some photos of them and a video too.


Camior seemed to be meditating a lot this morning. Camior’s a she (tentatively).


This photo does not justify how cute Milkyway looks.  He is really cute! Did I mention he? Yes, I believe Milkyway’s a boy…the only boy among the 4.


Chocolate Fondue with Cream in a bowl anyone? Seychel’s a girl!

Hare raisin’ Havoc?

And Truffles’ almost 5 weeks old.




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9 responses to “When Kits Come Out & Play

  1. trotters

    Milkyway looks so adorable in the video especially when he seems to be walking instead of hopping most of the time 😀

  2. azian9100

    aaa..aaaa… so cute.. but why Camior not moving so much…hahaha
    and yes 1 Chocolate fondue with cream for me..plzzz

  3. SO CUTE!!!! Wow they are growing so quick. So are you going to keep any?:-) That would be a difficult decision.
    P.S….I have a new house bun(!) She’s on my blog, I hope to catch you on the IM sometime. Have a great day Tim!

  4. tania


    If that picture does not do milkyway any justice, then I can’t believe how much CUTER he is in real life! o:

  5. Camior so quiet..

    Heh, i was hoping Seychel is a boy 😛

  6. Hug all! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Hug all! Gigit! Gigit! Gigit!

  7. azian9100

    hahaha… hubby eater… runnnnnn

  8. Joke

    HA HA HA… cute furry animals…..

    what are you going to do with all of them?

  9. not hubby la… i bite cutie only… but if my hubby as cute as bunnies, i’ll bite la 😛

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