Updates from Melbourne: Survivors

Here are some photos of the bunnies in Melbourne. Notice the litter trays? They are from Pet Shack and the bunnies are loving them loads. J & J are very pleased that the hutches are much cleaner now that they are using the litter trays.


Don’t you just love this hutch!?


Kopiko & Horlicks (Nico, your favorite and according to J, they are all BUCKS!)


Chachi & Oreo


Family portrait….



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3 responses to “Updates from Melbourne: Survivors

  1. Cheri

    Tim – love the new hutch! Darling bunnies. Cool how they have a double decker condo. The u-tube video was too cute! Have a good week!

  2. Bucks?! *wink… wink…* Oi, Why poison me?

  3. J o K e

    dudeeeee…….. 🙂 heheheeh nice work….

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