Extremely RARE Human Death Due to Rabbit Flu

The bacteria is called Pasteurella Multocida and its carrier is limit to rabbits only as this bacteria can be found mostly in dogs, cats, birds and even fish. In fact more human get infected through dogs and cats. Pasteurellosis is an infection caused by the bacteria in question.

The bacteria can be found in saliva & feacal materials of infected animals. It can also be passed to human through bites or scratches from infected animals.

The death of a rabbit farmer in UK in 2006 was the 1st case reported and since then no other reports were made known. Moreover it is believed that he contacted the bacteria through a blister on his thumb.

So before all of you rabbit owners jump the gun and abandon your rabbits, please do understand the probability of this happening, the cause of it and what is the treatment if such thing should happen.

Take note that death through Pasteurellosis has been noted as VERY RARE. The most important thing to remember is not to allow the bacteria to get to the bloodstream.

The first signs of pasteurellosis can occur a few hours after infection, and include pain, redness and swelling around the area of the infection.

Symptoms include fever, headaches, chills and swollen glands if the infection spreads and gets into the bloodstream. Can result in pneumonia or septicaemia, and on rare occasions, death if left untreated.

According to the Health Protection Ageny in UK, this is a highly preventable and treatable disease. Complication will only arise if not treated. Infection can be further prevented through the administration of general antibiotics.

There is nothing to worry about as long as bite and scratch wounds are treated with caution.



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7 responses to “Extremely RARE Human Death Due to Rabbit Flu

  1. tania

    Ah I read this a while back. The main reason for him catching it was because he handled the rabbit he had hunted that had the disease with his bare hands on which the blister was… Be careful if you ever encounter a sick rabbit and happen to have an open wound somewhere! (:

  2. Tania, u mentioned ‘hunted’.. so means he got it from a wild rabbit?

  3. tania

    Yes, he was a farmer, and he was shooting rabbits which were pests to their crops. So it was a wild rabbit indeed, yep.. (:

  4. tania

    Hahaha, that would have been misleading! Nope, he was a farmer of crops. Actually, it was the SON of the farmer who caught the disease and died.. His son was already an adult, though, not a little kid anymore. What kid would be allowed to handle guns? o:

  5. Susie

    Who would have known?! I’m always a freak on washing rabbit scratches, and bites too, but have only had a couple of those… but I will always keep this in mind.

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