Strike a Pose!

Can someone please help me count the days again? I hate counting their age in days. Each passing day would mean nearer to graduation day. LOL!. Not to say that they are leaving soon but I just dread the day when it comes. Normally my sorry will turn into joy looking at the happy faces of their new owners. I truly find joy in that one moment when the new owners embrace my rabbits for the first time. I love to see the radiant on the beaming faces.

Nothing thrills me more than to know my rabbits are truly appreciated.

Here they are:










Milkyway could be the dark horse of this litter. I love its head there. Could be bigger but that will do.




In case you’re wondering and to eliminate all speculations & unreasonable assumptions, YES, they are available for booking. Will only be able to go after spay/neuter as per TLR policy.



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10 responses to “Strike a Pose!

  1. See these photos can make me cry *poisoned*

  2. farah

    I really like ot buy your bun seychel or milkyway..and i did send u my email reagarding this matter. Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Daphie

    I am interested tooo…. *sccratch-scratch-scratch* 😛

  4. azian9100

    I’m Counting it all up for you.. using all the fingers and toes…mmm 24days… if not mistaken…

  5. tania

    NOOOOOOOOO *melts*.

    Such is the power that these rabbits’ eyes behold.

  6. FARAH!!! If Saychel jantan, u bagi la i beli… !!!! 😥

    Kalo u tak bagi, i kidnap it from ur hostel..!

  7. Susie

    WOW I think those are some very promising kits you have there. I love Camior and Truffles. 🙂

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