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Regurgitating Information

My main point of reference for rabbit information is the House Rabbit Society website. This is the website every bunny owner must have at his/her fingertips. This is the complete guide to all there is to know about your pet rabbit.

I have gone through many of the articles there. Not really a fan of reading long articles, I normally go through those that interests me. I have read through the neuter/spay page before but that was one of the first few visits to this site.

Now that I am working on this spay/neuter policy, I needed to refresh my memory and boy, did this website came in handy. Very thorough information. I do not need to look elsewhere.

Since it has all been stated there, I would just like to add a link to their neuter/spay page. I especially like all the good reason given to spay/neuter. No point repeating what is much more informative.

So for those who wants to know more about spay/neuter, please go to FAQ: Spaying & Neutering.


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