Chilling Over The Weekend

I wasn’t feeling too well over the weekend. I guess the rabbits got the queue from me because they all were chilling. Just like me sleeping all day and night. Sorry if I seemed to be writing a little more than nothing. Just can’t find the inspiration in the midst of this cough, “human snuffles” and fever. I hate it when these combine into a deadly combination.

Truffles & Mama



Milkyway Shiro, Seychel & Camior with Mama







And…Where the hell is SKOR?


I almost lost Skor over the weekend actually. LOL! I forgotten to close the main door and thank God, he did not roam too far. LOL!!!

So when I realized that I forgotten to close the main door, I searched frantically to find him….





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4 responses to “Chilling Over The Weekend

  1. Holly Hope so lovey! Awwww..

    The triplet are chilling out!!

    Feel like kissing them from here 😆

  2. lazybunnys

    oh.. that was so wonderfull.. can see the babies growww… an very cute.
    hahaha..skor just wanna have peace of mind… he doing yoga

  3. tania

    What a responsible manbun Skor proves to be, eh?

    Haha you’re not the only one feeling under the weather, I’ve been having the snuffles too. >.< Thankfully Pepper’s kind enough to lend some loving licks and make me feel better.

  4. Awe!! Love the pictures. Glad Skor didn’t roam far, I’d be searching frantically too.

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