Updates on Charlyz, Eclipse & BlueBerry

Thanks to Kak Azian for these wonderful photos of the trio. After this post, I no longer need to write updates on them anymore. That is because, we’ve got a new bunny blogger in the house. Please visit http://lazzybunny.wordpress.com.

Here’s the trio:


This is the blue version of Michelin Tyres. LOL!!!!!


Look at those stumpy legs! Cuteness!

For your information, I was told that Charlyz has her own Teddy Bear and she smells like strawberry. LOL! Totally spoiled rotten this little girl. Again, like Moesha, I like how thick she turned out to be.



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7 responses to “Updates on Charlyz, Eclipse & BlueBerry

  1. lazybunnys

    TQ..TQ..TQ…. for the promo… ehheheh Michelin tyres aaaa..LOL

  2. why Michelin Tyres? Why not Bridgestone?

  3. Well done Azian, you keep Mr. Sang’s rabbit so well, and make him really happy.

  4. Awe! They look great and very happy in their new home too! 🙂

  5. Susie

    I wish I could read the blog! VERY COOL. Did you sell them as show rabbits? I see one is titled as Breeders for Quality. Eclipse will only develop for the better, I like the looks to his age.

    • I prefer to tag them all as pets because that’s just what they are. If they turn out a Show, that’s a bonus for the new owners. There will be a show coming up but prior to that, all my rabbits were sold as pets exclusively.

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