Honesty Is The Best Policy

I thought this would be a good and informative sharing worth writing. No names are mentioned to respect the parties involved.

A few weeks back, I received an inquiry by a teenager expressing interest in Luna. Like most of the breeder friends I have in US, through time I developed a soft spot for helping out young people by offering my rabbits to them as pets. Afterall, they are the future generation and deserve to get a head start if they would be the same people to spread this wonderful hobby through their peers. But little did I know I was in for a shocker.

Although the inquirer was a teenager, my neuter/spay policy still applied and this young person agreed to my terms & conditions. While I was awaiting payment, a dear friend forwarded me an online classified stating “loop head” rabbit available. Upon investigation, I found the ad was misleading because the creator of the ad had attached a photo of a Show Quality rabbit (that somehow looked familiar to me).

My dear friend took a step further and inquired about the rabbit this person had to offer and was shocked to be shown photos taken from a farm familiar to most of us. My friend then asked if he had anything other than those shown in the photo and this young person said that he had a BROKEN SPAYED Holland Lop to offer.

The moment my dear friend told me that, we both came to the conclusion that we’re dealing with the same person. I gave this young person a call and after much questioning, he finally relented and admitted that he was behind this ad and had the intention to broker off Luna. I have a great degree of respect for people who admits their fault and I not only forgave this young person but I now have him on my chat list. I hope he will try his level best to learn more and come to respect rabbits more rather than treating them like commodities. I strongly believe that young people these days have great minds of their own if they channel their intelligence into the right path, the community can really benefit from them in a long run. For a young person to have such an entrepreneurial mind is just amazing and I respect him for that. I just hope he trades something else rather than rabbits or any other livestock.

What I am trying to hit home is that, the world is filled with too many lies. And we all know it all starts with just one white lie and we have to lie for the rest of our lives. Why not save ourselves from all the trouble of having to recall what we have told this person or that person so that we could have a follow up in a later point of time? Are we not tired always having the need to recall so to look good and show others that we’re honest when in fact we have told a lie? We don’t need to keep on finding more ways to cover up for the previous lie if we have not tell one earlier. We can enjoy our lives by simply being truthful. If others cannot accept our honesty, then the problem is theirs.

Honesty is the best policy. Just admit it and don’t ever tell a lie again.

And by the way, Luna is still safe with me. I am holding her for someone really nice.



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2 responses to “Honesty Is The Best Policy

  1. Wow, that’s really something…at least he/she did tell the truth and admit to trying to broker Luna. Glad everything worked out and she’s still with you.:-) I hope she finds a forever home soon!

  2. June

    Another wow…Luckily u have a “rabbit csi” friend that alerted u n did some investigation..

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