Don’t You Love Happy Endings?

Since before I attended the grand opening of Pet Epicure, Alicia has been very fond of Luna because she reminds her of a dwarf lop (UK Term) she once had. During the grand opening, I brought Luna as a gift for Alicia but she could not take her in at that time due to “logistic” matters. LOL!

I really appreciate the effort Alicia puts into helping animals. She always remind me that it is for the animals that we are working to hard despite all the trials and tribulations. She is one of the forerunners in the spay/neuter campaign. She was indeed the person that first introduced me to the idea of using spay/neuter as one of the conditions in my sales policy. I am so grateful to have known her.

Alicia have an ND called Monty and was sent for neutering not too long ago. Monty is a full time house bunny and guardian to her 3 children’s bedroom. According to Alicia, Monty have perfect toilet habits. I believe and hope Luna will be a good companion to Monty after her spay.

I went over to Pet Epicure today to collect some hay and at the same time something prompted me to ask Alicia if she wants me to bring Luna along. As usual, she gave me an excited “YES” indicating to me that she has got all the “logistics” sorted out. LOL!

Alicia’s children quickly warmed up with Luna and I learned something new today. I keep on learning new stuff from Alicia like all the time. Since my daughter is too young to handle a rabbit, I learn from Alicia that older children and hold a rabbit very easily. Just get them to wear a T-shirt, and wrap the bunny up while geting the child to hold on tight to the rabbit. You should have seen how the children adores all the animals around them. They have so much love to give. Very obvious that they are brought up with big hearts. Something that I want very much for my daughter.

The best thing of it all is that, my daughter really enjoyed herself interacting with Alicia’s children. I guess that is something you will get in a very homely environment such as the one in Pet Epicure. My wife also told me that it has been a while since she enjoyed such a homely environment. Pet Epicure is so welcoming especially you have a very happy family coming together hanging out at the shop while business goes on like the usual. No “MAY I HELP YOU” tagging along wherever you go. You just hang out like it was your home in Pet Epicure.

Speaking of which, a photo to prove my point:


I am sure Luna could attest that she fell right into place and got really cosy there. Can you spot her? Also want to thank Alicia for the fresh Timothy Hay she gave me. LOVE THEM (the buns I mean).



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5 responses to “Don’t You Love Happy Endings?

  1. lazybunnys

    hahaha… hei.. Luna… did you steal the pineapple tart..?? because i can see it’s half full already…kakaka

  2. Haha.. luna has a new job, desk-bunny!

  3. June

    🙂 Luna is going to be so happy there…. Umm.. hope Alicia will give u the updates on the bonding and pics of Monty and Luna together. Looking forward to see Luna’s bf.. Hehe…

  4. Tim, Luna is a delight to have. She’s using the toilet nicely and sniffing at Monty in the most ladylike manner. Monty nearly boxed the dogs senseless this afternoon when they got too close to Luna’s cage. He’s obviously decided he needs to defend his woman 🙂

    Right now, they are caged separately but side by side. I don’t want Monty to express his happiness by learning to spray and mark AND I want them to be desperate to play together so I don;t have to deal with any ‘That’s my toy!’ tantrums. I cannot wait for next week, when I can put them together for the first time.

    I will send photos soon.

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