Why Holland Lops started with the Tortoiseshell color?

This is the question that I am pondering today. If you have seen most of the Holland Lop websites and if you are a person that goes for the overall TYPE of a Holland Lop, you’ll soon come to realize that most of them are in the Tortoiseshell Variety. You may come across some breeders with color projects as well but it is quite rare to find very typey colored Holland Lops.

I really hope that somewhere out there someone may have the answer to this question. I really cannot think of any possible answer at the moment. And I have got this “WHY TORT?” ringing in my head like all the time.

The only logical answer is they were first imported into US from the origin country only in the TORT variety. But what intrigues me is whether there are any other colors beside torts when Holland Lop first started and still, why tort and not another color.

Honestly, I am more in love with the physical build and overall personality of a Holland than the color. Color is quite insignifcant to me because I am not a racist towards rabbits. LOL!!!!

But if you do have the answer, I would appreciate the sharing. Thanks in advance.


I am getting some leads here. Laurie just mentioned Jeff Hardin being the first person who imported the first batch of Holland Lops in to the states. Boy am I learning some stuff! Research and more research!



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3 responses to “Why Holland Lops started with the Tortoiseshell color?

  1. lazybunnys

    mm.. U think just like solid black and REW… tort oso the main colour. which the colour gene are very strong. I guess… like Black vs white…black win. And Curly hair vs Straight hair… curly hair win.

  2. lazybunnys

    if that the word … i think yes i referring to dominant gene

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