A Historical Moment

I still cannot get over the fact that they are here. It was a very defining moment for me and a few bunny friends here. To be honest and not to sound too proud or that I am attempting to brag, this is the first time I see top quality live Holland Lops! I am still in awe and speechless. Again not to sound too proud, I don’t feel any rabbit show at the moment is worthy of judging them. In fact, I don’t need a shoddy rabbit show to judge them. They are WINNERS in their own rights. And with that said, I am seriously considering if I should let them make an appearance in the upcoming show in July.

The only reason I’ll want to put them into the show would only be to show and educate the public what a true typed Holland Lop should look like. Seeing is believing!

What I learned throughout these few days is that when there are things money can buy, the best things are for FREE. I am not saying that the new rabbits are free but through acquiring them I have made so many great friends who are honest, sincere and trustworthy. For me, it is a great joy to have these rabbits but the greater joy comes from getting to know great people that are so willing to share and guide.

There is much more to learn in this hobby. The road is hard and long. The road is treacherous. But nonetheless, nothing will or can stop us if we have all the good intentions in our hearts!

I am quite surprised how a grown up man can shed tears of joy for rabbits. These tears poured out through the heart and I have teared a river. I am still trying to comprehend and accept that everything is good.

I guess this is how victory feels like.

Sorry people for the heartfelt post. I really need to get it out from my chest.

As many people rejoices, some may not share my happiness with what seemed to be a windfall for me. All I ask is that they will look beyond what is projected and know that there is a price to pay for everything. I have endured for more than 2 years and that wait was well worth it. The wait was also what made this so special.



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4 responses to “A Historical Moment

  1. Susie

    I cannot express how HAPPY I am for you! I want to cry too!!! :’)

  2. xD I’m speechless too, tim!

  3. farah

    u must be the proudest owner at the moment..huhuh happy for u too
    cheers to you.

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