All In One Updates

I am so thrilled to have heard from Ms. Kay Miller. It was a short note from her but it really got my heart pouncing. LOL! Thanks Kay!

Here are some updates on the kits. In the midst of being excited for the new quad, please know that I have not forgotten the little ones. Although I set very high standards for kits born in the rabbitry, please do know that I do love each and everyone of them no matter how they grow up to be. It is too early to judge the kits at the moment and I would want to give them the opportunity to grow up before I pass any judgment on their conformity. But if you really have to know, I think it is rather obvious they all do look pet quality. But please bear in mind that they are in their UGLIES stage right now. I still think that they are not too bad for starters.


I can see that Truffles is a greater improvement from Noobie’s litter. I believe it is mainly because Holly Hope is a better looking Holland Lop.


Holly Hope’s looking better after raising Truffles. Not sure if she’ll make the cut for the show in July. Don’t you love her color?




Let’s pray that those ears will stop growing soon and the head will POP later. Long ears are sign of the Normal gene.


I have to admit that Thunder happens to be my heart bunny. LOL! But I am not bias. I love all of them but somehow Thunder gives me a different feeling. He is such a sweet boy. Ever eagerly waiting for me at the door for pats.


Clark happens to be my heart bunny as well. LOL!!! :P…Look at him! He’s a cutie. And today he shower me with his LUV! I was sprayed big time by him. You must think I am crazy being so happy being sprayed at by a buck. Ask any rabbit breeder and I am sure they can relate to this very easily. One of the signs that you have been made a slave by your rabbits.


And another heart bunny of mine. Carmel is a natural poser. She poses all the time and I believe she knows the camera quite well. She’ll strike a pose whenever I am holding the camera up. Very cute.


You guessed it! Haley’s my heart bunny too. Actually all my rabbits are my heart bunnies!!! LOL!

Haley’s a little fiesty at the moment. She is very good at using her fists. Reminds me of the chinese block buster movie IP MAN when Bruce Lee’s master make the finishing move using both fists hitting the opponent non-stop. LOL!!!


And this is every bunny’s HEART BABY! Seen here adored by Thunder.


Beth adores them as well but I am a little worried that the bucks may spray at her. And to be at her height, she will be an easy target to be drenched by the golden showers. Thank God nothing happened! I guess Clark only wanted me. LOL!



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9 responses to “All In One Updates

  1. ~love all babies and bunnies~

  2. OH Tim they are all absolutely Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Wow oh wow!

  3. jaanu1128

    wowwww…all your new buns look so adorable…anyway congratulation on your new GC….

  4. trotters

    Gosh… I just checked your blog yesterday night and today I see a whole bunch of new updates :D. You must be feeling ecstatic!

    So many cutie pie bunnies and even Beth seems to share your joy ;). Congrats!!!

  5. ah!!!!! Holland lop poisoning!

  6. Shinnen

    Hey there! Congrats on the new additions to your little brood. I’m glad you have new bucks!

  7. Susie


    Want to send him back to the U.S. for me? LOL, kidding!
    I’m glad they are settling in well. 🙂

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