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YeahooOoo Tattoo Day

I am not a fan of tattoo on humans but I was always interested in rabbit tattoos. And since I bought myself a set of tattoo kit, I decided to put them to good use. I tattoo all 4 kits today – Truffles, Seychel, Camior and Milkyway Shiro.

It was a success and I have got many people to thank especially Susie and Teri for briefing me through what to expect. But nothing beats the real thing. I didn’t know some stuff prior to tattooing them and now I know exactly how the clamp tattoo kit works. I am not disclosing too much details as many people may not take it as something pleasant.

Anyhow, no life threatening feat and I must say that tattooing young rabbits is quite an easy task. And tattooing just one digit made it all much easier for me and also for the kits. So since I have only got 4 kits to tattoo, I went by the number from 1 to 4.

Let’s guess who’s #1, #2, #3 and #4. Please include your answers through comments based on the photos below.




Can u see 2?



That’s an obvious 4!



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Miller’s Carmel (MM2) My Mysterious Little Doe

One look at this doe you would know that there is something very special about her. I am writing this as a tribute to her. So far, what I can say about her is that, this doe can really really pose. She is ever ready to pose for you and I hope that passes down to her offspring. Carmel has been listed as Top Lop #7 for 2007 (Fall 2008 issue of Hollander).


I believe Carmel was the BJD (Broken Junior Doe) in this 2007 HLRSC Nationals Results page.



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