Rabbit Conscience

I had a very interesting morning with some FIREBALL emails going to and fro. It is amazing how when I write about The Rabbit Hell, the only person that seemed to be replying is from one of the rabbitries that I have imported from earlier.

It is a wonder how the conscience of the human works. I am usually very excited to greet my mailbox first thing in the morning and what I found this morning couldn’t surprise me more. It has been so long since I heard from this person. Now when I do get emails from her, it was about how I have put her down on my blog. Which of course was outrageous allegations. I write what I like writing on my own blog.

I normally like to put things into perspective and they are usually very simple matters. And I believe my writings are very general and I do not like mentioning names. I will only mention names worth mentioning and I ensure they are only good stuff worth the recognition.  I am very generous with my praises.

So as I read the email, I get so uncomfortable that it was all about other people. How she has been undercut by another rabbit breeder. But all those are just so unnecessary and goes to show what I have been writing was actually true. I must thank her for endorsing and affirming what I have written was about her as well. I seriously did not expect that from her. But I thank her for owing up. There is a saying in the local language “Siapa Makan Cili, Dia Rasa Pedas” and translated it would mean, “Greedy Buggers That Gobbles Up The Chilli, Will Feel The Heat”. Well, maybe the word Greedy is a little exaggerating. LOL! You get what I mean I am sure.

As I said, it is very simple to me. If you have done nothing wrong, don’t waste time explaining yourself. The more you explain the more you seemed to be at fault. I guess that when the conscience within someone is jumping or going into a fit that the person finds a need to justify every single action that they have done or are doing. But the amazing thing is that, not only this person is trying to justify her actions, she goes on backstabbing another person. That is just outright outrageous behavior and sounded to me as she was extremely insecure. It is also interesting to know that the person that she was backstabbing did not say a word about her. That shows me a lot about her. There is definitely self indulgence and outright unreasonable. A successful person will never talk about anything or anyone not worth mentioning and here this person was mentioning names. Now that she did, I have higher regards for the person she back stabbed. Cause that goes to show that the back stabbed person has higher credibility.

What I have to say is that, this is totally unnecessary. And I hope this person will spare me the harassment. I really do not need it at all. I hope that these sort of people do not end up being show judges. Simply unacceptable. The judges I know are normally composed and very level headed.

Let’s just add this sort of breeder into the BLACK List will ya? Breeders that picks on what you write on your own free space and blog. Just can’t believe it that she tried to control what I do on my own personal blog. She even have problem with me taking off web links on my own blog! Can you believe it?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Have a nice weekend everyone and everybun!

P/S: Just want to thank a renown ARBA judge for clarifying that an ARBA judge is allowed to judge rabbits that he/she bred after 90 days of passing them on to other owners. She went on to mention that normally the judges may want to pull out from judging if he/she finds that he/she may have the tendencies of being BIASED on self honorable initiatives. Can you see that what I have learned (so much) is not from that person that sent me the email. All she did was sent me rabbits. If I am a judge, I will stay away from a show table if there are rabbits from my breedings because there is such thing called favoritism in this world.


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