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Growing Out Hostel

From now till 6 months, the kits have to be grown up. I have decided to put them in the dining room where I spend most of my time (that’s is the reason why I am overweight). LOL! This is one of the ways I can spend more time with them to get them accustomed to human touch and have the best temperament.

This is surely 5 Stars treatment! Don’t you just love this?







Showing me their bums! That’s what you get for feeding them – LOL!



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Brighter Days For Holland Lops In Malaysia!!!

Finally, the other breeder in Malaysia is finally getting Grand Champions from the “nice” breeder I was talking about. This is long long long long looooooOOOoong overdue because good stuff should have been sent this way right from the START!

Would like to congratulate the other breeder for that!

We are all very happy to have this happening. Very exciting times for Holland Lops in Malaysia!

YeeeEEEeeS! This was definitely an easy objective to be met!

I personally am very happy because this serves as a CONFIRMATION that we were given junks and now as a reactive measure, CGs are starting to come our way. Don’t you just love it when the more people justify and tries to cover up, the more they reveal? This is just too interesting to watch. It is definitely worth the harassment I get every morning awaiting me in my mailbox.

And of course, we would know who the winner for the 1st Rabbit Show in Malaysia without doubt! Maybe after this post, the results may not be what we expect at all!

Whatever the outcome, “FELLOWSHIP, FRIENDSHIP & FUN”!!!!!

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