Growing Out Hostel

From now till 6 months, the kits have to be grown up. I have decided to put them in the dining room where I spend most of my time (that’s is the reason why I am overweight). LOL! This is one of the ways I can spend more time with them to get them accustomed to human touch and have the best temperament.

This is surely 5 Stars treatment! Don’t you just love this?







Showing me their bums! That’s what you get for feeding them – LOL!



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14 responses to “Growing Out Hostel

  1. darma

    Lol… I’m not sure you are overweight.. lol plus overweight means Happy. hahah.. They are so Luxurious tho.. The second floor got the best view… (Hotel right) lol… I seldom give comments thats why so many things to write!.. Hope they pee in the right place…


  2. Shiro and the others look much bigger than the previous photos :D.

    Heheheh.. they give u bums for tattooing them la.. 😛

  3. lazybunnys

    heheh.. no worries Darma this hotel.. coming with stars room service.
    Nice set up… and nice Bum Bum… i know.. SB love this… Furrybud

  4. Farah.. see Seychel lives next to Shiro!

  5. This is 6 Star pet hotel! Chubby bunny!

  6. farah

    she’s getting bigger..and sure it does look like a 5 star hotel akak cage


  7. any bunnies for free? hehehee

    • Lindsey,
      This morning I found them all lying in the same position. Seemed like synchronized sleeping. LOL!

      I could make some special arrangements for you if you bring me around all the eateries you mentioned on your blog…..:P…….

      The tummy is the path to a man’s heart they say…:P!!!

  8. Lindsey

    Too Cute!!! They are spoiled already.;-) I love watching them grow.

  9. hahahaa.. if only bunnies can follow… keep up d good work ^^ if i plan to stay back here in msia i will get 1 from ya ^^ all so cute..

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