TLR New Year’s Resolution 2009 Quarterly Review

On 1st of January 2009, I listed New Year’s Resolutions and Objectives for 2009. I just want to review on the objectives that I have listed.

And the indicators are:




Here are 10 new year resolutions for TLR:

1 ) Chocolate Holland Lops

2 ) Continue promoting ethical breeding & responsible ownership

3 ) Making more bunny friends around the world

4 ) Importing nicer foundation stocks

5 ) Praying harder to have constant Oxbow supplies

6 ) Renewing HLRSC membership

7 ) Continue posting on a daily basis with quality contents

8 ) Continue sharing quality Holland Lops at reasonable prices to highly intellectual individuals (LOL!)

9 ) To master color genetics

10 ) Revamp Meadow Haven

As you can see, I have actually achieved all the objectives for my rabbitry for 2009 and therefore I can now sit back, relax and enjoy all the entertainments that come my way.



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4 responses to “TLR New Year’s Resolution 2009 Quarterly Review

  1. lazybunnys

    Heheheh.. maybe you can add more objectives , likeeee..mmm
    Oh… write new post every 2 hours.. muahahaha..

  2. sakit mata… tgk itu colours..!

  3. btw, hope all ur resolution will be achieve this year!

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