By Popular Demand

Truffles 60 days old:


“I am your BOSS”

Seychel, Camior & Milkyway Shiro 48 days old:


“The infamous jail-bun”



“Sausage Bun Anyone?”




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4 responses to “By Popular Demand

  1. Yeah Truffles, u’re the boss!

    Oh oh.. why jailed Seychel? But she’s cute in that pose :mrgreen:

    Oh my little Shiro *hug hug hug* *kiss kiss kiss*

    Camior look a little disapprove in this photo, isnt she? :LOL:

  2. farah

    she is so cute I’m gonna miss her while im in jogja….really love her.thanks timmmm

  3. Daphie

    Waaaaaaaaa so so so cute….
    Fluffies : I’m gonna gigit ur Shiro this saturday…. muahahahhahaha 😀

  4. What?!!!!! Oh nooooooo!

    That day u aredi gigit SB’s Yohji, now u want to gigit my Shiro??? Run Shiro, ruuuuunnnnnn!!!

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