A Date With Haley & Thunder

I must admit that these are not the best photos of them. I will make it up later. Been really busy lately due to work so I am just posting up some random photos. I believe they are suppose to look much better when properly posed and when photos are taken with a better camera with proper lighting.

Speaking of Thunder, we had a good 10 minutes session of thunder and lighting today. That is why Haley looked a little tensed as she was scurrying for “shelter”. LOL!


I like the depth of her chest. Need a better photo of her relaxed.



Thunder deserves better photos of him:




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3 responses to “A Date With Haley & Thunder

  1. No photo of Haley’s mani-pedi session? 😛 She’s beautiful..
    Thunder is handsome.. very handsome..!

  2. Oh our gosh they are so adorables we think. we meeting new friends today and see you thru anothers blog. another bunny friend!!!!

    our home is four cats and a Pug.

    nice to meet you bunnies.

  3. lazybunnys

    I love thunder… I love thunder..I love thunder… me want Thunder…ehheheheh

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