Guess Who I Found?

I was going through Kay Miller’s old website and I stumbled across a very familiar name on the Junior Bucks page. It was Clark! I am not sure if it is the same Clark as the one sent over to TLR.

Fearing that the website might be updated and I might loose the picture, I downloaded it and here it is:


And Now:

Could this be Clark’s baby picture? I sure hope so! Isn’t he CUTE?!

(Photo taken from Whispering Pines Rabbitry)



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2 responses to “Guess Who I Found?

  1. Hey, if this one really ur Clark, he already handsome since he was small la :mrgreen:

  2. lazybunnys

    from this old lady eyes.. i said that is Clark… so cute.. and now he is one Handsome Bunny..

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