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Earth Hour: Switch Off Your Lights!

Let’s switch off all the lights in your house in unison just for 1 hour. The earth is in dire need of conservation. Let us all do our small parts to make it a big contribution back to mother nature. If we could do this on our own effort once a day, a week, or a month, although a small tiny contribution will impact the world in the long run. So when do we switch those lights off?

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2009
Time: 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Wherever you are, let’s do it for our EARTH! Just that 60 minutes without lights!

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54175421409#/event.php?eid=48479031289

Spread the word on your blogs!



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Classic Examples

I just want to write 2 classic examples as regards to the fate of rabbit in Malaysia that I have observed myself and also by friends.

The first classic example is taken from an encounter with a pet store selling rabbits. The first glance I had at this pet store, I did not realize that they sell rabbits except for an adult in a cage which is in poor condition. As I was passing the store again with SB & D, being very sensitive to the presence of rabbits, they found a few 4 week old looking kits in the cage above the adult rabbit I saw earlier. They also realized that the kits had no water and some were seen struggling to reach for water. D then approached the store owner to inform her of the struggling kits. To all of our surprise, the shop owner told D that rabbits should not be given too much water! And upon questioning, she said that too much water causes diarrhea. How amazing is that!? They are having diarrhea because they were too young! Either way, we concluded that the kits are fated to die.

Another classic example is about backyard breeders. We just stumbled across some very interesting people setting up rabbitries and blogs to promote and breed PET QUALITY. A rabbitry that specializes in PET QUALITY? Don’t you think this is hilarious? I found it very hilarious because the rabbitry owner don’t even know what he/she is doing. Joke aside, I only pity the rabbits.

So what’s the relationship between these 2 examples? I am sure the Pet Store owner could be the bestest of friends with such ignorant breeders. They can hold hands and say they are champions! Because birds of the same feather flock together and the only thing they both have in common is the lack of knowledge.

Let’s take a little walk down the future with more of these pet store owners and backyard breeders in this world. More rabbit owners will give less water to their rabbits and more pet owners will be owning/breeding pet quality. So we have lousy quality rabbits being treated in the lousy lack of knowledge manner and ultimately what happens?


Maybe death is a good thing because no more rabbits should suffer then. But death also may spell something good for certain people who believe in REPEAT SALES!

Kudos to all these IDIOTS!


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