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Watching The Sunset

I brought Thunder out to the park today and he watched the sunset with me. Thank God the only thunder around was him. The weather was superb and as you can see, he enjoyed it very much. I love taking his pictures. This guy is so cute he could stop anyone dead in their tracks.

And naturally, he attracted the attention of many both young and old.




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The Art Of Intimidation

One of my all time favorite movies happen to be Gorillas In The Mist. The relationship between wild beasts and humans really intrigues me. And the role of Diane Fossey was very well played by Sigourney Weaver.


As of late, I cannot help but to recall certain parts of the movie and one particular scene stood out among the rest. It was the scene where Sigourney Weaver wore a mask and pretended to be a witch to intimidate the poachers.

In many cultures, intimidation using the element of fear can be very powerful. Certain primitive cultures similar to those of people from the stone age can be very amusing to watch sometimes. For example, most Asians upon sighting a Caucasian, they could be very well behaved and takes every word he/she says as prophecies from God. Please do not get me wrong. I totally adore most Caucasians because they are darn good looking & drop dead gorgeous but on the other hand, I am a strong believer of respect and unfortunately, being good looking does not automatically earn my respect at first sight. One must gain my respect instead of instilling fear in me. There is no fast rule for commanding respect. Unfortunately, there are many that I know whom are easily moved by fear. Someone can just wear a mask and that in itself is enough to intimidate.

With that said, I would like to share with you how Sigourney Weaver looked like when she wore that mask and made the poacher peed in his pants. I am sure anyone will command a great deal of respect if he/she comes here in such costumes. But for me, I’ll take it as Halloween came early this year. LOL!


So when the time comes, I hope my fellow friends can spit at the face of the witch instead of pee-ing in their pants!

People who happens to be big in stature, normally uses their huge body as a form of intimidation and some uses their loud voices. Rabbits on the other hand uses a type of growl that send chills through your spine. Do watch out for the growls because they may be entailed by nasty bites or scratches.

At the end of it all, do know the nature of the person or animal you are dealing with in order not to get yourself hurt. At the meantime, do watch this beautiful movie!


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