Watching The Sunset

I brought Thunder out to the park today and he watched the sunset with me. Thank God the only thunder around was him. The weather was superb and as you can see, he enjoyed it very much. I love taking his pictures. This guy is so cute he could stop anyone dead in their tracks.

And naturally, he attracted the attention of many both young and old.




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5 responses to “Watching The Sunset

  1. lazybunnys

    I hate myself now…. why…why….. whyyyyyy… Holland Lopppp……
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Thunder…whyyyyy???

  2. Why u ‘why why’??

    I love this photo, looks he is ssooooo relax!

  3. June

    Good looking-nya… 🙂

    I always thought it is stressful for rabbit to go out but he looks so relax….

  4. Daphie

    waaaaa can see some favouritism there d… hehehe 😀

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