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R.I.P. Luna

I just received devastating news. Luna just passed away due to complications while undergoing her spay.

It is a very hard blow indeed. We all know the risks involved and at the same time, we want to be responsible pet owners. I wonder what else we can do to have the best of both worlds.

Binky free my baby. We love you. You will be dearly missed. My heart is shattered at the moment.

I know this is not easy for the Horsley too.  I am more devastated by the fact that the children has got to go through this. The impact of this should be absorbed by me and only me. I am truly sorry for all our loses. Please know that we have all done our very best.

5th July 2008 – 25th March 2009

P/S: Please don’t ask me anything. At this moment, this is the only way I know how to express my sadness. I don’t know how else to express my shattered heart except through writing.



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Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 8: Reborn

“Who are you?”

“Who aaaRe you!?”

“I asked you first, so who are you?”

“No, you’re in my turf, you answer me first. I don’t give a tock if you asked me first, who are you?”

“Alright, alright, my name is Thunder. My man here’s Clark, there’s a lady up there somewhere is Carmel and the other lady higher up there is Haley”

“Who sent you?”

“You did!”

“Now now, don’t tell me you are all cybernetic organisms!”

“Nay, we’re Ivy Crescent’s & Miller’s Lagomorphas. Our bun masters came to know that there are tons of work to be done down here. So they sent us. We’ve got work to do. Get this place cleaned up and all!”

“You’re all here on work assignment?”

“Not really, we’re here to stay actually”

“Come on, are you serious? The only working buck here is me and I am the boss here!”

“Not anymore my friend. We could work together if you want to”

“I Skor, the descendant of GRIMLOCK works with no one! Skor is boss!”

“There’s no need to be a cry baby now Skor. We’ve got enough ladies in the house. May the best buck win”

“But master say I am his favorite”

“We still are Skor. Master won’t abandon us. We all have our destinies to fulfill. Just like when BlueBerry was sent up north. I have got news they rebuilt Meadow Haven there. It looks better than the old Meadow Haven too!”

“You really think so, Noobie?”

“Yeah, I overheard master telling his friend the other day that he’s bringing us to get some New Turfs (Noobie’s version of NEUTER). And he also said that we could stay together forever from then on”

“That sounds good. With the New Turfs, we can spread our empire far and wide! Hey losers, you heard that? I’m gonna be the new king of the New Turfs! You can do all the works you want back here in Meadow Haven”


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