I Fear For My Safety

I apologize to all my readers for not being able to write something more interesting. I just had the worst weekend ever and as if that was not enough, I now fear for the safety of not only myself but also my family. This is due to the reason that a psychotic and mentally unstable person is harassing me for my rabbit.

I have stated very clearly on my sales policy that I reserve full rights to revoke an agreement of sale. Somehow the message was not clear enough for this person and is being extremely difficult. It has came to a point of blackmailing and I am contemplating if to lodge a police report.

I am feeling very much in danger and I do not have the inspiration to write anything. I believe that I have disclosed too much information to the world and now at the crossroad.

I will continue writing nonetheless once I get this issue out of the way.

Please pray for my family and I. Thank you.

Just wish to share some details on the issue I have at hand. I decided over the weekend to terminate a sale agreement for reasons known to myself. At the end of the day it is my rabbits that I am talking about here. Who else have more authority over them than me right?

Anyhow, item no. 16 of my Sales Policy writes, TLR reserve the rights to revoke an agreement of sale at any point of time in its sole and absolute discretion, without the need to provide reasons for such revocation. Booking fee will be refunded.

And the policy has been in placed since 10th February 2009:

Highlighted in red is the publish date for my Sales Policy page

Highlighted in red is the publish date for my Sales Policy page

And the booking fee that I received for this particular deal that I terminated was on 6th March 2009:

The transaction of the booking fee into my account

The transaction of the booking fee into my account

I am currently making arrangement to refund the booking fee to the person in question. Unfortunately, the person in question refuses to provide me with the banking details I need for the refund. Instead, I was threatened with a set of terms in return.



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5 responses to “I Fear For My Safety

  1. June

    We support u all the way!! We’ll pray for u too… Take care, Buddy..

  2. U can make a police report as the person caused harrasment!

  3. petepicure

    we are all thinking of you and your family. may the problems resolve themselves in the highest good of all involved. be safe and err on the side of caution.

    also, feel free to borrow one of my danes 🙂

  4. petepicure

    what, over 24 hrs have passed and no request has been put in for the services of my droolly danes 😦 sigh…am i the only one who loves them?

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