Cautiously Back

I am truly sorry for all the rantings for the past few days. I did mention that the quality of my post may deteriorate sometimes. It is still very hard to summon the inspiration to write these days due to the busy schedule.

I am very happy that things has been sorted out and I am definitely refocused on the bunnies thanks to the support of many. So many people has came forward to offer their assistance and it is good to know that we’re at a very good standpoint.

And since this blog is all about and for the bunnies in Meadow Haven, I’ll just like to update on them. It is business as usual for all of them for past week.

Kinda missed Shiro and even my daughter would ask where is he since the cage has been left empty. Take some time to explain to her that Shiro went home.

We’re all very grateful that Truffles has been saved. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I have let him go to some whacko jacko. I promised that I shall not go there for now unless absolutely necessary. He’s a lovely little guy always hopping out the moment I open the cage door.

I felt that Seychel suddenly had a growth spurt. She is a little bigger now. Or at least that’s what I realize. I must apologize for not taking a photo of her. I am still not comfortable putting up photos at the moment but nonetheless her mommy will soon get some photos from me.

As for Camior, a stork has been scheduled for his delivery. I’ll update on that too later.

Noobie will be spayed soon. Please pray for her.

Skor’s chilling out as usual.

And the rest are doing just fine.

I am starting to wonder why the hell am I updating in a manner as if I am a criminal. I thought this is a world with freedom to express. As you can feel, I am being reserved. Yes, this is what happens when a bunny gets cornered. They loose their personality.

But nothing makes me happier than writing especially my inner most heartfelt feelings. I have got so many mails pouring in for the past few days. I truly appreciate every single one of them. For those who took the initiative to write, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Rabbits has truly brought us all together. Sadly, I must also say that some just do not belong to and do not deserve this great big family.



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3 responses to “Cautiously Back

  1. June

    Glad to know everything has sorted out! 🙂 My little boy, Mickey send his bunny kisses to Noobie.. wishing her a successful surgery and speedy recovery…

  2. lazybunnys

    Glad to know everything is back to normal. Including me.. To TLR we always pray all the good might come after this, to our rabbit, our family, our friend and ourself.

  3. Shiro is safely home with me.. but i do miss the others so much as i used to missed Shiro before he was with me.

    Glad u have sorted the probs.

    Good luck to Noobie. All fingers and paws crossed for her *hugs*

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