Let’s Hear It From You

It has been almost 2 years of writing. This blog started back in 18th June 2007. This coming June TLR will be 2 years old. How fast time flies.

And thanks to Kak Azian for reminding me that I used to have a post in the local forum of my vision, I did a long 20 mins search and finally found it. I can’t believe that on 30th April 2007 I had this beautiful vision. And now looking back, I believe I am really getting there! Click HERE.

There are still a lot to learn and while I do that, I would like to ask my readers what do they want me to write for once. It will be nice to get feedbacks on how I can improve TLR further.

So please feel free to leave comments. Each and everyone of your comment will be treasured. Thanks in advance.



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3 responses to “Let’s Hear It From You

  1. lazybunnys

    wahh.. This is a challenge.. not so easy to thinking what I want TLR to write.. because TLR write everthing… But i wish I can have more Tails From Meadow Haven.

  2. Jo

    Bunny Agility!!!!!

  3. furfurries

    eh… do a post on bunny anatomy & genetics!! 😀

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