Noobie’s Spay

After the conception of the Sale Policy, my next greatest challenge was to find vets who are good with rabbits for the spaying procedure. We all know that castration is a fairly straight forward procedure and most vets could do it. As for spaying only a handful are good at it. Today, I have found the answer to my prayers for vets that are good with spaying.

I was referred to Dr. Lynette & Dr. Loh by Dr. Nat of  Thank you Dr. Nat for the recommendations. Truly appreciate it!

Dr. Lynette & Dr. Loh is the team at Hillpark Veterinary Medical Centre. For more details, please refer to the References Page. Hillpark Veterinary Medical Centre is nestled in the township of Kota Kemuning. Kota Kemuning has always given me a very relaxed feeling because of how green it is.

The moment I stepped into Hillpark Veterinary Medical Centre, I felt very much at home to be greeted by their friendly admin staff. I must say it is a very humble setup which seemed a little empty but I do enjoy the space in this clinic. At the entrance you will find 2 huge cages with cats available for adoption. Dr. Lynette and Dr. Loh champions the cause of neutering and these cats are being neutered before given up for adoption at only RM30.

One of their mascots greeting customers at the front desk.

One of their mascots greeting customers at the front desk.

Dr. Lynette took the time to explain to me in great lengths all the possibilities and we shared some information about rabbits as well. I believe everyone fell in love with our girl Noobie.

After the short discussion, Noobie’s spay procedure was well underway. I waited for about an hour and throughout the wait, I received well wishes through text messages from SB & Kak Azian. Would like to thank all who have prayed for Noobie. I believe the prayers were all answered thus far. We still need to wait for her to start eating. But I must say, it wasn’t as scary I have been preparing myself for. Noobie was awake pretty fast after the procedure. I believe cuddles from Dr. Loh helped a lot! And that is what I want to spend 1 paragraph writing about.

The incision

The incision

The thing with vets is, some are so compassionate and passionate with what they do, their vibes just shines through them. Looking at Dr. Loh cradling Noobie in her arms moved my heart. I believe it does make a huge difference when love is given to our dearly beloved pets. I strongly recommend Hillpark Veterinary Medical Centre as a place for spaying rabbits because Dr. Lynette & Dr. Loh is very professional and confident. They are both very calm and you would feel very much at home talking to them. Very down to earth people.

Road to recovery!

Road to recovery!

I just got to say this. Tru-Luv Rabbitry officially WALK the TALK today. We successfully spayed our first rabbit today and many more to follow suit!

Now, let’s pray for speedy recovery!



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5 responses to “Noobie’s Spay

  1. Cheri

    So glad that Noobie is doing well. Vets who are caring with compassion and passion for their work do make a difference.

  2. Get well soon, dear Noobie.. Hope u’ll recover soon..! Dont forget to eat ur hay and drink a lot of water. It helps to speed up ur recovery process and heals ur pain. Hope to see more photos from u soon, Noobie! *hugs*

  3. lazybunnys

    It’s so glad to know another vet with Good service. And Noobie… no more cage… after this..

  4. petepicure

    i’m so glad noobie is well. but it makes me miss luna dear even more.

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