Noobie’s updates

Noobie’s doing well. She started munching on food late last night but I believe she’s showing very good signs of recovery. Today, she starting moving around and I could see the incision spot has been cleaned.


Here’s Holly Hope looking a little bossy!

I know I know, this is the ultimate disapproval face - EVER!

I know I know, this is the ultimate disapproval face - EVER!

Sorry for the bad picture quality. I am messing around with my cousin’s DLSR at the moment. LOL! Give me some time okie…..



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5 responses to “Noobie’s updates

  1. lazybunnys

    yayy.. glad to know Noobie is doing well…
    and Holly.. yes that is not a good face for a girl..

  2. Jo

    hope has the godfather face…
    a gold chain will do the trick 😀

  3. June

    Get well soon, Noobie! *MUAK MUAK MUAKSSS*

  4. Yaayyy to Noobie!

    Owh Holly Hope, u really look like a lady boss there!

  5. Daphie

    OMG… Holly’s look is SOOOOOO bitchy!!! hahahahha 😀
    Prayers for Noob…. may she haf the speediest recovery from the spay.. 🙂

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