Updates from Melbourne

The kits in Melbourne are 4 months old now. Some photos to share courtesy of J&J.

Look at those helicopter ears!

Look at those helicopter ears!

3 in 1

3 in 1

What's up doc?

What's up doc?



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5 responses to “Updates from Melbourne

  1. June

    Awww.. cute “copter ears” :o)

  2. Joke

    copter ears indeed…..

    eat…play….sleep….and shit all day!

  3. lazybunnys

    Hei.. J&J show us your “BUnny Friend” park lah… wanna see how it’s looks after this 3 babies is not a Babies anymore…. muhahahah

  4. joke

    the park is currently undergoing some major renovations…check back here for updates!

  5. Wah, they still together? Miss them!!

    At 4 months old, all my juniors scratched and bite each other!

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