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A Gift From Mommy Dearest

Mommy dearest realized that I was down for the last couple of weeks and she wanted to give my spirit a little lift. She sent a surprise package my way. She did mentioned it and when I asked what it was, I told me to guess. I first asked her if it was something that I could wear. She said I might be able to. Now that I got the special package, I understand why she laughed when I told her that I will attach it to my bling bling. LOL!


The special package

What's in there?

What's in there?

This is awesome! A Holland Lop and my favorite color BLUE!

This is awesome! Image of Carmel and my favorite color BLUE!

Can you recognize that Holland Lop on the plate? I believe it is Carmel. The beautiful artwork is by the legendary Karen Bailey. Such a great artist!

The prizes for winning at shows normally make up of trophies and handicrafts. The plate reminds me of certain prizes given out during show. I felt like a champ having it. I love it very much!

I also believe that by receiving this beautiful plate, I have been officially initiated into the worldwide movement of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun!

Love Ya Mom!



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