A Gift From Mommy Dearest

Mommy dearest realized that I was down for the last couple of weeks and she wanted to give my spirit a little lift. She sent a surprise package my way. She did mentioned it and when I asked what it was, I told me to guess. I first asked her if it was something that I could wear. She said I might be able to. Now that I got the special package, I understand why she laughed when I told her that I will attach it to my bling bling. LOL!


The special package

What's in there?

What's in there?

This is awesome! A Holland Lop and my favorite color BLUE!

This is awesome! Image of Carmel and my favorite color BLUE!

Can you recognize that Holland Lop on the plate? I believe it is Carmel. The beautiful artwork is by the legendary Karen Bailey. Such a great artist!

The prizes for winning at shows normally make up of trophies and handicrafts. The plate reminds me of certain prizes given out during show. I felt like a champ having it. I love it very much!

I also believe that by receiving this beautiful plate, I have been officially initiated into the worldwide movement of Fellowship, Friendship & Fun!

Love Ya Mom!



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5 responses to “A Gift From Mommy Dearest

  1. lazybunnys

    Pssstttt….. Carmel tell your master…. Me want one oso, that beautiful plate with you on it.

  2. Aw how thoughtful of your Mom! What a neat plate!

  3. Lindsey

    How Sweet of your mom!!! WOW, that is definately something I would treasure for years to come. It’s beautiful!

  4. Karen

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment! So glad you like the plate, it was fun to make. Your “Mommy” is a lovely person, one of my favorites… 🙂 Karen B

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