Let’s Get Really Serious About This!

The weight of the Holland Lop is one of the most debated topic amongst breeders. It is also one of the most important characteristics of the Holland Lop. There is not compromise that a Holland Lop must not be heavier than 4lbs. I was also reliably informed that at the moment, most winning Holland Lops are pushing the 4lbs limit.

In order to get bulky and stocky Hollands, it is unavoidable that they pass the 4lbs mark just a tiny bit.

All these weight talk would be useless if one does not have a weighing machine. And today, Tru-Luv Rabbitry decided to invest on a weighing machine to ensure we adhere to the standards religiously. LOL!

I did some modifications to the weighing machine to include a basket so that the bunnies have a firm and good place to rest themselves. Guess who’s our first guinea pig? Whoops, guinea bun I mean.

Haley Baby!

Haley Baby!



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8 responses to “Let’s Get Really Serious About This!

  1. lazybunnys

    Haley said ” I’m put on weight…. oh no… better start my diet 2moro”

  2. Lindsey

    What an awesome looking scale you made! So what’s her weight?

  3. June

    I have a little scale @ home… I would like to modify to weigh my furkids too? Is it possible to show us how u modified urs?

  4. furfurries

    wahhh very nice DIY! 😀

  5. darma

    dun now whether the weighing machine is bigger then Haley or the weighing machine is small.. seems she so giant..

  6. I have a 5kgs scale (kitchen scale).. keep being kicked by the bunns. Cant get the correction reading!

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