My opinion about PETA

I woke up this morning to find this link It is a very interesting website exposing the “cruelty” of PETA. Let’s not jump the gun on assumption but instead take a step backwards to think hard about it.

Also, please do not get carried away as these are just my 2 cents on the issue. These are just my personal opinions and do not in anyway intend to offend any parties.

By right, organizations such as PETA should not even exist. In a way, PETA exists to simply clean up our junks! They are here to do what breeders and owners cannot do. CULLING!

It is good to put PETA out of business because that would mean that mankind truly understand what it is to be both responsible breeders and owners. When breeders breed out of hand and when owners abandon their pets, who are they passing their “unwanted” pets to? Let’s think of who is going to pick up after us when we are bored of our pets? Yes, it is these non profitable organizations such as PETA! Are you MAN enough to euthanize your own pet? NO! And what happens to your “unwanted” pets when you do not have the time like how you used to when you first get little Bingo? All we give ourselves are excuses that are so valid and justifiable in our own eyes. How human right?

If you want to shut down PETA, it is not how well you expose what they do in euthanizing pets you throw out. But instead, stop throwing out pets for PETA to euthanize!

Are you taking full responsible of your unwanted pets? There are many self righteous people out there. And those political correct people always cry foul when someone euthanize unwanted pets. Why not take those pets in instead of pointing fingers?

Are you good enough to take in the millions of unwanted pets every year and provide for them? If not, let’s stop judging and start giving a helping hand in solving the real issues here. Breeders, start breeding responsibly and owners start owning responsibly. Cuteness is not a good reason to get little Bingo home. Breeding for money is not the way to go. Start culling if you know that your products will be culled eventually. Yes, you need to be cruel to be kind sometimes. The earth have just enough space for that much unwanted animals so stop contributing to the problem.

Let’s not be quick to judge but instead, look deep into the root of the problem and solve that first. Someone just have to be the bad guy a way or another to clean up the mess! The least that we can do is help solve the problem and not contributing to it!

I do wish that one day, we do not need organizations such as PETA and SPCA. The day these organization stop operating, it would mean all pets have good lives!



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4 responses to “My opinion about PETA

  1. Godek

    Agree. Breeder and Pets owner should responsible. Not PETA.

  2. PETA and SPCA exists because of the owners! Ppl blamed these organizations just becoz they ‘clean’ the unwanted animals from this world? They shud blame the ppl who ‘create’ these unwanted animals.


    If PETA doesn’t dispose the unwanted animals, will they get adopted? Is there any 100% guarantee that the adopted animals will not being strayed and abandoned again?

  3. lazybunnys

    Agree… 101% agree…

  4. i didn’t know that PETA even did this kind of thing. I thought they were an activist group. Naive. Someone has to do the dirty work, and when an organisation gets big, the the animals also become just a number.

    I hope this will help people to realised this kind of thing happens all over the world. Not just backward Malaysia, My sister is volunteering in the RSPCA Sydney and it is the same there.

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