The Virtual Rabbit Show

I just created a Facebook group called Rabbit Show On Facebook.

This is part of my effort to give back to all rabbit lovers especially those that do not have rabbit shows in their areas. The only drawback I face with this group is that I cannot open up photo albums for each show. At the moment it is just in its conception and therefore there is still a lot of room for improvements. Your honest constructive opinions will be much appreciated.

Here are some instructions for you to get started in participating in the Virtual Show:

There will be a virtual show organized from time to time. The photos section will be cleared off before the start of each show. Look out for the updates on the Wall.

You as a show handler:

Post a photo of your rabbit in its best show pose and list down the following:

Group Competing:

You as a judge:

Click on the rabbit that you would like to judge and include the following:


Points: (0 – 10)

This is intended to be something fun. Nothing serious about it. And since most of us know that our rabbits are champs in their own rights, this could be a very good platform for us to get good opinions and at the same time not going through all the hassles and stresses for both ourselves and our rabbits.

Hope you enjoy it!



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  1. darma

    Two Thumbs Up!!

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