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Binky Free Little One…

Just like to send my heartfelt condolences over to LB for losing the singleton today. It just passed without any obvious signs of illness.

Very sorry, I can’t explain the reason for this one. I guess the angel just have to take this one away for now.

LB, don’t give up hope. Everything happens for a reason…

Binky free little one…

It was healthy last evening..

It was healthy last evening..


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Camior’s Updates

After the passing of Luna, not only the Horleys were devastated. The one hit badly was Monty, the house Netherland Dwarf. He was a little depressed and quiet until Camior was introduced. Since there are also guinea pigs in their living quarters, Monty was fast to come to Camior’s aid whenever the guinea pigs get close to Camior. Here are some photo updates:


The Love Buns


Look at this NIC pen!!!




Now you must believe in LOVE at first sight!

P/S: Monty is a neutered buck. One of the best combinations to keep rabbits in pairs.


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