Dry Season

It is another dry season in Meadow Haven. Somehow I felt as if I have run out of inspiration to write a decent blog post. Not that I am under any unhappy infuences. It must have been the flu bug that is really bugging me at the moment.

At times like these, I really miss having pinkies in the rabbitry. Most breeders I know in US have most of their nestboxes filled this spring. I am very happy for them especially those that got show potentials.

On the other hand, it is Holland Lops Nationals this coming weekend. I pray that everyone will have a blast and many happy winnings. If only I could be there it would very interesting to see the Top Lops being chosen for this year.

As for now, just hope that this darn sore throat and fever goes away ASAP!



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3 responses to “Dry Season

  1. darma

    Since morinng almost more then 10x I click on your website to see new post.. I guess not only me.. the rest as well.. anyway.. Get well soon!!

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