Noobie’s Update

Would like to thank J for her photos. I am so pleased with another success in getting one of TLR’s rabbit into a very good home and I am sure all of you reading this would agree too!

Noobie has got 2 siblings. Boo is a well mannered Chihuahua and Mickey is a 2 year old shy buck. J decided to bring Noobie home as a companion to Mickey hoping that she will bring a little charm back into this lonely little bunny.

Mickey on the left and Boo on the right. Aren't they adorable?

Mickey on the left and Boo on the right. Aren't they adorable?

This is how J lures Mickey out from his hiding place

This is how J lures Mickey out from his hiding place

New princess on the block

New princess on the block

Am I clean enough for this home?

Am I clean enough for this home?

This is just the temporary setup. Watch out for a surprise soon!

This is just the temporary setup. Watch out for a surprise soon!

I can’t wait for the new setup. I heard it is going to be awesome.

Thanks J & J!

You know what? This is another J & J couple. Is there a trend here? J people love rabbits and take good care them? I better screen through new owners by the first letter of their names.

So far J, S, D, T, A, N, I and E seemed to be good rabbit people! Isn’t that pretty much covers from A to Z? LOL!



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15 responses to “Noobie’s Update

  1. lazybunnys

    yayyyy… I miss this girl… thank J for lovely update of her….

  2. June

    It’s my pleasure lazybunnys ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. J&J from LYN? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to see Noobie’s update in a great home ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. mpr_05

    Classy as in what then? Care to tell more?

    J & J in LYN are far more concerned to pets’ wellbeings, more than the PROFIT some Chinchilla owner claim to earn by his knowlegde OR is it from stealing other people’s idea??

    Ask urself, have u heard from both party? DUMBASS!!

    So any comment then?

  5. Hi mpr_05,

    Thanks for your comments but I think it is totally uncalled for. I was referring to Jackass & Jackal from Let’s Yearn Not. So what’s the problem?

    Maybe using initials are not that clear. Let me make it clear here. I am definitely NOT referring to Jack & Joan of PETSHACK if you think that is what J&J means okie? Happy?

  6. furfurries

    waaaa J&J got registered trademark ka? Other ppl cannot use?

  7. June

    It’s ok Tim. Ignore rude comments. Only respond when ppl leave comments in a civilized manner. Wish u a great day ahead! Don’t let rude comments get to u. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. AngelFromTheSky


    MPR…..Its true….Some people just like to Copy Paste and Make Money Only…..Exactly like Some Chinchilla Owner….

    They think they are good but actually, “mau tipu orang” only…


    • I find this very interesting. First of all, angels don’t gossip and are generally good. But for an angel to come into other people’s blog to comment like this with no respect is downright sacrilege!

      You bunch speaks a lot for yourselves and well, I am approving your uninvited comments just to show the world how hypocritic you are and the entire group of you backing whoever you are fighting this course.

      Thanks for the comments, the more of it keep coming, the more someone’s losing their touch!

  9. Wah… Good to see frens and no frens visiting ur blog, Tim! They make blog is an interesting place to read! Pile up, pile up! Get more visitor! I looove visitors!!

  10. furfurries

    hahahhaa… and they can’t see that the joke is actually on them! such incredibly warped mentality! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. furfurries

    LMFAO = Laughing my fat ass off?

  12. Roulette

    It’s funny that there’s this bunch of people that have no life other than to disturb and poke their noses where it doesn’t belong. Why say things about a person you know next to nothing about?

    This is not the first time these bums have popped out of no where to disturb the peace but hopefully though unlikely, it’d be their last.

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